PP Summer Crush Review

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, just stating my personal opinions. Not a hater nor a kiss-ass freak.

APOLOGIES: Sorry for the grammatical errors & spelling.. di talaga ako magaling dun eh. Also, no photos :(

Okay, let’s get started.

For this week the theme is Party Pilipinas Summer Crush under Team A’s production headed by its director, Direk Mark Reyes.

To sum it up, as a whole, the show is plain boring, messy and lost. There are some redeeming performances but are not enough to pick up the lackluster the program has showcased for what? an almost three-hour snooze fest.

Can we just tell Team A to change their Wardrobe and Stylist Team? They are definitely not giving the summer feel in those outfits alone.

Correct me if I’m wrong, the theme is Summer Crush.. a combination of the Summer vibe with thoughts of love? giddiness? or any sort of feeling when you are having a crush? Or they just totally ripped off the name from the now famous Candy Crush game? Anyway, I never felt any of it.

I hated the styling. It’s a freaking “Summer” themed episode but all you can see are guys wearing long sleeves polo topped with suit/Amerikana, not to mention the girls wearing gowns? long dresses.. and the worst part of it.. blazers. Summer! Summer! SUMMER!!!

A plus point though, the colors were screaming vibrance and coolness with blues, greens, yellows dominating the bunch but… it ended there. Most of the time, it is too circus-like.

Enough, now let us talk about the production numbers. Sorry, no photos yet. Ayaw ata mag upload ng photos ng mga nanuod eh.. Or baka tulog pa sila? Chos lang.


In all honesty, the opening started quite strong. Something different with the Sayaw Pilipinas Crew dancing to the tune of Bieber’s #thatpower to start the show. I don’t know kung ano tawag dun sa ginawa nila, but mind you.. I was tricked big time. Akala ko talaga nagawa ni Diva yun. Hehe. But then it wasn’t enough. Save from Diva and Sef, the rest were meh! Rhian, Carla & Bianca were singing karaokes, the combination of one artist to another is blah and nothing to commend actually.

Rating: 4.5/10

* * *


If I’m not mistaken, the concept of Keso Boys is to promote the top young actors of the network — Elmo, Alden, Derrick, Jhake & Kris. And then we have Steven Silva who by the way I believe is in his 26 years of age so… yeah, you got my point? And then to make it worst, they put Ruru, who can’t even sing the right tune without smiling like a fool and Jeric who eats his words. Nothing against them, but don’t they think 5 is already a crowd. Oooh, by the way, it is Alden’s single launch. The title of his song bothers me. He sings like he wanted to breakdown any moment and gets away by flashing his cute dimples. Oh, I forgot! Congratulations, may album ka na.

Basically their performance is forgettable, I don’t even remember kung ano kinanta nila. Buti pa yung single ni Alden naalala ko. Fail. And yet again, they are fashion victim here. Poor guys in a summer themed episode.. wearing colored shorts, colored shirts and colored blazer/suit or whatever you want to call it. Sayang kapogian nilang lahat, I swear.

Rating: 5/10

* * *


Vox to me is like a “Drama ko bigyan mo ng theme song” segment in Team A. The flicks were nice if they were done one time, twice or thrice.. but to actually make it a habit is already dragging. The essence of Vox is already lost, I guess for me. It is like they were inserting those flicks to kill time. Sayang ang airtime, cos if you will add up all those flicks.. you could actually turn them to at least 2 more productions.

And then they tackle novelty songs, last two weeks, heart broken songs, and then two more weeks ago.. asdfgdkjagba. Can we like have a theme like a Mariah tribute? Or a Rock themed? Or Regine V. themed? Or just be more creative with the theme? Promise, pwede yun.

Of course, the resident divas delivered. As usual. Even Jaya is commendable, yey! Show them why you’re the “Queen of Soul”. But in all honesty? They can do better.

Rating: 7/10 (save for the vocals alone)

* * *


For a moment there, I thought I was watching Wish Ko Lang Live. Seriously, do they really have to do that? I mean, calling  the people who requested on stage. Eh yung other stories pa naman were like facepalm moment. And then you will let them go up in the stage, hahaha well hello world, they just embarrassed themselves on national tv!!

Another Karaoke moment, and the production design isn’t helping as well. Ano ba yun, nasa Lounge? Nasa Hotel? Throw away the hanging cloths, bring out better lights and for God’s sake wag naman yung bigla bigla na lang lumalabas behind the hanging cloths yung mga kakanta.

Kris Lawrence. No. Why did you do that to that song. Ayaw ng version ni Nina yun. I missed Mark Bautista, like seriously.. and sigurado ba sola na eto lang prod niya? Pero Mark, mas maganda pa din version ni Julie ng LMBTO.. dapat kasi inisip mo si Gwendolyn while singing it so it is more heartfelt. And here comes Jolina and Krizza wearing their blazers, nahiya naman si Jennylyn at naka dress lang siya. All in all, Ka-Ra-O-Ke. Sorry.

Rating: 5/10

* * *


Okay, I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect him to be doing the Live Now.. like this early. I love Gloc and adore his rapping skills but I just think it is unfair to the resident singers and mainstays of Party Pilipinas who haven’t had their fair share of Live Now Moment. It is like a slap in the face of Jaya, Janno Gibbs, Kris Lawrence, Jolina Magdangal, Gian Magdangal and even the others who can do Live Now such as Jennylyn, Krizza, Rita and Denise. Nothing against the idea, pero sana pinauna muna yung mainstays. Besides, I think that is what the concept is all about eh. Promoting their artists capability to do a concert-like prod. At least for 10 minutes.

Anyway, Gloc has the most number of guests in his Live Now. Good for him! I am actually waiting for Frank Magalona, Chito MIranda and Ebe Dancel to come out and party with him eh. Kidding. All of his guests delivered. Elmo didn’t stutter with his tagalog rap and actually he was A plus mazing. Finally! Denise & Jen were commendable as well. And it’s refreshing to see THE Songbird, guesting on other artist’s Live Now. Naiba na ang version sa utak ko ng “Sirena” haha. Also, what is admirable is that it is an all-opm prod.. kaso.. wala na bang ibang songs Gloc? Hehe. Congrats though.

Rating: 7.5/10

* * *


Since sumayaw na ang Sayaw Pilipinas Crew sa opening, isaksak silang lahat sa Hot-Taw at tambakan pa ng ibang artist. The mixed tape used is actually nice. I thought the song choices were hip and fun. The choreography is too much head whipping and hair flipping and body shaking. Also, never let JC Tiuseco dance again, I love him.. but please. And hey, I missed Benj Alves. Bakit wala na yung BenjaWyn tandem sa sayawan.. they are good ah!

Rating: 6/10 (Thank God for the music!)

* * *


Seriously, ano ba ang Sayaw Pilipinas Crew? Back-up dancers na din?

Rachelle Ann Go & Christian Bautista starting it off with J. Sanchez’s Tonight. Clever. But I wish they gave it to Julie & Elmo. It is a young, hip and fun song and Christian Bautista looked awkward moving. Not to mention, Rachelle Ann is wearing a long dress. Like seriously? Move. Dance. Have fun! Then afterwards, they belt out an unfamiliar song. I still don’t know the song.. hanggang ngayon! Jaya is next. Meh. Too shouty. Okay next is  Janno… what did you do to this Matchbox 20 song? I love the song and I didn’t like you for butchering it. Then we have La Diva, yay! But it was underwhelming. But then, they saved the whole production. Jay R singing next and let me just say this… what did JT do to you and you just massacred his song. Let Jay R stay in the piano and sing RnB Ballads. He shines there seriously. Regine ending the production with Kelly Clarkson’s Catch My breath, and she was shaky towards the end. Aww. Sayang. Where’s Mark Bautista? French? Promise, kelangan nila ng matinding team meeting para alam nila kung sino dapat ang mga nasa prod.

Rating: 6.5/10

* * *


This could actually pass a a new show, a thirty minute game show. Big fodder. Wala na bang ibang maisip na prod?

Haha, Maxene is funny though! At si Papa Aljur, hindi na brief ng mechanics. Lost!

Rating: N/A

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