The Voice Philippines: Blind Auditions (1)

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert of any or sort, just stating my personal views and opinion. Apologies for the grammatical and spelling errors. All photos, credit to the owners. Most photos were not in HD so yeah, you got my point.

* * *


Wow, another franchise and this time it is our very own franchise of the worldwide hit The Voice.

As promise, I would cover the show just like what I usually do in the US Version.

It may be a little late because I think, we’ve had 6 nights of Blind Auditions already, so I thought of just squeezing all of the passers on the first six nights of Blind Auditions into one post. Yeah?

To be honest, the expectations on this franchise are somewhat high for me because other franchises were keeping it up to the level of sophistication the US Version has.

The coaches itself, I think the Philippines’ version live it up to what we hope for. To see THE Lea Salonga, Bamboo, Apl.De.Ap and this generation’s most awarded artist, Sarah Geronimo as coaches were already remarkable.

With that being said, I know some were annoyed with them being too over acting, choosy, bipolar, weird choices etc, I am too. Haha. But it is what it is. But Blind Auditions were subjective actually, it would always depend on what the coaches want, like, feel or even prefer.

I find joy watching Ms. Lea having fun in every auditions, though at some point I find it really weird that she always turns her chair on not so good artists and to some of the most compelling auditions, she don’t. But yeah, like what I said, the whole Blind Audition is really subjective.

Sarah may be a bit choosy, but I guess that could pass on an excuse that she’s the youngest and may be she’s really looking for artists that gives her a different kind of “push” factor.

Bamboo is so hot. Haha, I know it’s given but I think Bamboo gives the most fine criticisms among all of them. Though not usually spot on because maybe he was trying his best not to discourage the non-passers.

Apl.De.Ap. Yeah. He’s there. Haha

Now, on the staging and lights. I really, really find them very, very, disappointing. The chairs, the stage and even the audience. Can we have a more genuine reaction from the audience, I mean if you watch the other franchises, they let the audience to actually cheer, clap, have fun and enjoy the audition on their own because that could actually give a different vibe for the coaches. They will be more intrigued. Also, I don’t like the silhouette drama and the long silence before the artists would perform, what was that?

With that being said, I hope they could live up to the Battle Rounds and Live performances and give us a more compelling styling and staging. Yeah, the Auditions were taped already so don’t expect them to change clothes for more weeks to come.

Now, let me share to you my point of views of some of those who passed already.

* * *


(1) Thor Dulay – I have nothing

- Seriously? Thor could pull off a song better than this.

(2) Corazon dela Cruz – Usok

- Forgettable.

(3) Lorenzana Siblings – Need you now

- Guji looks and sounded like Sam Milby no? Eh. Preferred Grace over Guji, but yeah. But Guji could work the stage better than Grace.

(4) Sir Lord Lumibao – I’ll be

- Ok.

(5) Moira dela Torre – Hallelujah

- A Bamboo song and Bamboo himself is there? Uyy, strong! It was decent, almost forgettable.

(6) Cara Manglapus – At last

- This needed soul and power and I don’t think she had it. Sorry.

* * *


(1) Daryl Shy – Tatsulok

- Why did I find it like he was just jamming with his beer mates at the corner street of Tondo? Eh.

(2) Chien Berbana – Sayang na sayang

- Eh. Sayang!

(3) Taw Muhammad – Ironic

- Probably my favorite on the first week. There is a sense of artistry on her that I can’t wait to see what Lea and her could do to outperform herself.

(4) Radha Tinsay – What’s love got to do

- It’s Radha for God’s sake and she just nailed this one. I hope she and Mitoy would battle it out in Battle Rounds. Haha, powerful performance that would be.

(5) Mitoy Yonting – Bakit ako mahihiya

- A bit over the top. Could work on his theatrics.

* * *


(1) Junji Arias – I’ll be there for you

- Well at least he sounded rock especially with his song choice, so yeah.

(2) Eva delos Santos – Proud Mary

- Eh. Show girl?

(3) Morisette Amon – Love on top

- Decent. I don’t know, but I actually like this one. Of course, it didn’t match that of Beyonce but this song needs a vibe and stage confidence that I thought she pulled it off in those aspects. This is way better than those other auditions. Plus, Bamboo like this song. Haha can you make a cover Bamboo? Haha

(4) Michaellen Temporado – Summertime

- Soul, yes. But I wasn’t buying it that much. With that being said, he really has that nice tone and voice. Maybe, a different song choice would do it for me.

(5) Gabriel Ramos – Tulak ng bibig

- Less theatrics but pretty nice voice. If only he was a bit consistent.

(6) Hans Dimayuga – Stand by me

- He did too much on a simple song for me, I guess he was aiming for artistry and authenticity. But yeah, too much for me.

* * *


(1) Deborah Victa – American Boy

- Eh. Forgettable also.

(2) Lee Grane Maranan – Anak

- Is her fate will be like that of KZ? An early favorite and most probably could win the whole competition. With that being said, I am not jumping to the Lee Grane bandwagon as I thought her version of Angel is way, I mean WAY better than her audition piece. What scares me with her is that she has the tendency to change the songs on her favor to make it authentic and to showcase artistry but what if the song didn’t require a lot of changing? Hmm. But she really has a nice voice.

(3) Isa Fabregas – Lean on me

- What? Haha. She and Deborah could faced it off on the Battle Rounds. Same style? Almost same tone?

(4) Angelique Alcantara – Diamonds

- Rihanna? Eh. She didn’t even pull a second rate Rihanna version eh. But, maybe, maybe Bamboo could do wonders with her because I believe that she has a nice tone as well.

(5) Cordovales Father and Son – Pagsubok

- While I prefer the son over the father, the father actually had a lot more power. Yeah.

(6) Don Michael Perez – I’m yours

- Almost sounding like Mraz, a tricky one. But I must say, he could do good and better performances if guided well because he has a compelling voice.

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One thought on “The Voice Philippines: Blind Auditions (1)

  1. Overview of the Battle Rounds Stage on the 07/21/2013 – It seems that the stage could be promising. It is quite good so far for that very short moment I have seen the stage on TV. I guess we’d though see to it during the battle rounds if the stage is really worth the franchise ^_^

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